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 Some Suggestions. Items/Hero

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PostSubject: Some Suggestions. Items/Hero   Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:47 am

1. There are so many Sets. We need more Place or/and a simple Trade Option.

2. Random Sets as reward on Campaigns for more Replayable!

3. A personal slave/
squire, to Carry Items, Support Hero and Units with a Aura, Build Buildings, fight as Meele/Range or Caster and some more. And he can equiped with 4 Items. Chest, Boots, Helm and Weapon and the Hero become 50% of the Effekts!
I think good auras would be:
% Speed
% HP
% Mana/HP Reg
and some more... But you can only chosen 1.

4. Very Rare Permanent Potions/Runes to boost the Hero stats. Fix value or %. And with or Without a Maximum.

5. The chance to find a book to learn A magic school or talent. But Only 1 per Char. ยด

Sry for my English!
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Some Suggestions. Items/Hero
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