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 Problems with Kharn's items

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Problems with Kharn's items Empty
PostSubject: Problems with Kharn's items   Problems with Kharn's items I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 12, 2013 8:51 am

I say "problems" because there are both balance issues and bugs with some of the items I've made. They've only become apparent now that I started forcing them into my maps to actually try them out.

The bonus for completing the set "Abaddon's acquired artifacts" doesn't work. After doing some test, it appears that you are very restricted as to what the bonus for a completed set can actually be. In the end I chose for it to be +25 Combat. Also, there's a spelling mistake on the word "aquired".
The correct set completion bonus should be this:
   <Set id="9">
      <Name>Abaddon&apos;s Acquired Artifacts</Name>
      <Power type="combat" data="25"/>
      <Item id="240"/>
      <Item id="241"/>
      <Item id="242"/>
      <Item id="243"/>

Because combat is now the bonus for completing the set, I have change the effects of the item "Icon of Abaddon". The updated one is below:
   <Item id="243">
      <Name>Icon of Abaddon</Name>
                <Power id="0" type="hero skill" data="2" level="5"/>
                <Power id="1" type="life regen" data="50"/>
                <Power id="2" type="hero skill" data="24" level="12"/>
      <Description>An icon symbolizing the 4 Horsemen. Abaddon acquired this item after proving his worth in the eyes of all 4 of the great Lords of apocalypse.</Description>
      <Image iconrow="10" iconcol="0" />
      <Data value="275" level="set" rarity="1"/>

After seeing the effects of "Scare" actually in play and in my favor, I can see how powerful it really is. As such, the chance of it occurring, as well as the level of the spell, have been decreased on Abaddon's Trophy Rack.
   <Item id="241">
      <Name>Abaddon&apos;s Trophy Rack</Name>
                <Power id="0" type="morale" data="5"/>
                <Power id="1" type="hero skill" data="34" level="5"/>
      <Power id="2" type="cast spell" data="31" chance="5" level="1"/>
      <Description>The most worthy of Abaddon&apos;s slain victims were hung on this banner as a monument to his power. It inspired his troops and demoralized his enemies.</Description>
      <Image iconrow="8" iconcol="2" />
      <Data value="100" level="set" rarity="1"/>

Next we have the Axe of Bloodshed, an item I was all to curious about, due to the nature of the penalty I had given the item. My fears were right, it doesn't work as intended. But after some play testing, I got it to play close enough to my initial target and for me to be happy with it. The updated one is this:
   <Item id="248">
      <Name>Cursed Axe of Bloodshed</Name>
                <Power id="0" type="slashing" data="60"/>
                <Power id="1" type="speed attack" data="4"/>
      <Power id="2" type="vampirism" data="-5">This item is cursed to drain the wielder of life</Power>
      <Description>This axe was cursed by Lord Sartek to throw the wielder into an uncontrollable berserk rage, slowly draining their energy upon use to ensure to ensure blood is spilled on both sides.</Description>
      <Image iconrow="0" iconcol="7" />
      <Data value="150" level="set" rarity="1"/>

Aura Sphere's crystal degeneration was strengthened, meaning the effects should be more noticeable. Previously, you could just equip it and never need to remove it. However - this WILL crash the game if your crystal resource drops below 0 due to the item's effects. We did have a little discussion about this some time ago on the Battlefield forums, where Sartek Gold posted a code based solution, which you then corrected him on. Was this fix ever implemented into your mod? It will need to if this item is to exist.
Anyway, here's the updated item:
   <Item id="244">
      <Name>Aura Sphere</Name>
                <Power id="0" type="life regen" data="300">x4 Health Regeneration</Power>
                <Power id="1" type="mana regen" data="300">x4 Mana Regeneration</Power>
                <Power id="2" type="hero skill" data="58" level="-9">Consumes 150 crystal a minute</Power>
      <Description>Created by the Seers to prolong their life, Aura Spheres fuel both body and mind by converting the bearer&apos;s crystals into psychic energy.</Description>
      <Image iconrow="10" iconcol="2" />
      <Data value="170" level="artifact" rarity="1"/>

Next we have the only artifact boots in the game, the Ruby and Sapphire scale boots. I've reduced the number of spells they give your hero, as well as rewording their description (as well as correcting a few spelling errors).
   <Item id="237">
      <Name>Ruby Scale Boots</Name>
                <Power id="0" type="speed" data="2"/>
                <Power id="1" type="fire resistance" data="20"/>
                <Power id="2" type="hero skill" data="15" level="4"/>
      <Description>It is said that these boots were made from the scales of a legendary Dragon of fire. Regardless of belief, these boots give the wearer a burning rage</Description>
      <Image iconrow="9" iconcol="3" />
      <Data value="125" level="artifact" rarity="1"/>

   <Item id="238">
      <Name>Sapphire Scale Boots</Name>
                <Power id="0" type="speed" data="2"/>
                <Power id="1" type="cold resistance" data="20"/>
                <Power id="2" type="hero skill" data="18" level="4"/>
      <Description>It is said that these boots were made from the scales of a legendary Dragon of ice. Regardless of belief, these boots give the wearer a heart as cold as ice.</Description>
      <Image iconrow="9" iconcol="4" />
      <Data value="125" level="artifact" rarity="1"/>

The other cursed item - the crown of death. Simply put, it was too good. The penalty would never occur and the bonuses were over the top, even with consideration of what "could" happen.
   <Item id="236">
      <Name>Cursed Crown of Death</Name>
                <Power id="0" type="hero skill" data="2" level="15"/>
                <Power id="1" type="discount" data="5"/>
                <Power id="2" type="cast spell" data="129" chance="5" level="1">This item is cursed to inflict untimely damage.</Power>
      <Description>A crown that was once a luxury to behold for its manipulation powers, but cursed by Lord Bane to offer an unpredictable punishment.</Description>
      <Image iconrow="6" iconcol="3" />
      <Data value="150" level="artifact" rarity="1"/>

Another W40K inspired weapon - the Hellblade. A few spelling errors fixed, but also a slight buff to the damage because the Flametongue (a common "greater" weapon) did the same amount of damage, and even offered a combat bonus. So, being an artifact, it should be better.
   <Item id="228">
      <Power id="0" type="fire" data="25"/>
                <Power id="1" type="hero skill" data="42" level="200">Ignores all armor</Power>
      <Power id="2" type="hero skill" data="5" level="-5">-50 Mana</Power>
      <Description>This burning sword was forged in the pits of hell with the soul of an enraged Daemon infused within. Such is the raw power of Chaos, no armor made by mortals can withstand the assault of this weapon.</Description>
      <Image iconrow="0" iconcol="4" />
      <Data value="175" level="artifact" rarity="1"/>

This next one is just a spelling fix.
   <Item id="245">
      <Name>Matadors&apos; Sword</Name>
                <Power id="0" type="piercing" data="15"/>
                <Power id="1" type="hero skill" data="49" level="3"/>
                <Power id="2" type="morale" data="1"/>
      <Description>These swords are used by noble Matadors that intend to put a swift death to rampaging Minotaurs.</Description>
      <Image iconrow="0" iconcol="1" />
      <Data value="70" level="lesser" rarity="3"/>

Like Abaddon's Trophy Rack, the spell "Awe" is too over powered on Ahriman's Gazing Helm. The spell level and the chance of it occurring were both decreased.
   <Item id="231">
      <Name>Ahriman&apos;s Gazing Helm</Name>
                <Power id="0" type="armor" data="10"/>
                <Power id="1" type="resistance" data="15"/>
      <Power id="2" type="cast spell" data="33" chance="5" level="1"/>
      <Description>It was said that while Ahriman wore this helm, his visage alone could bring down foes by seeing right into their minds.</Description>
      <Image iconrow="7" iconcol="4" />
      <Data value="200" level="set" rarity="1"/>
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Devourer of bugs

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Problems with Kharn's items Empty
PostSubject: Re: Problems with Kharn's items   Problems with Kharn's items I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 25, 2014 6:52 pm

Added in 0.8.3. Topic closed.

EDIT: Reopened. Cursed Axe of Bloodshed has a typo in the version above. Fixed in 0.8.3.

Problems with Kharn's items Style5,The-spc-Protectors
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Problems with Kharn's items
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