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 Something about Shattering Palms

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Something about Shattering Palms Empty
PostSubject: Something about Shattering Palms   Something about Shattering Palms I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 24, 2021 5:52 pm

I've noticed when my hero has one hundred skill points in Shattering Palms skill, he was never able to land critical hits on heroes and special characters ( i know that heroes are immune to death blows ( or at least shattering palms ), but i'm talking about normal critical strikes triggered by combat difference )

Here are the 1v1's i've had:

Empire Monk ( me ) vs Knight Healer
    65 Combat        vs 42 Combat
  0 Critical Strikes   vs 3 Critical Strikes

Empire Monk ( me ) vs Empire Hero
   70 Combat         vs 51 Combat ( even 29 when stunned )
  0 Critical Strikes   vs 4 Critical Strikes ( 3 or 4 not entirely sure )

High Elf Monk ( me ) vs Barbarian Warrior ( Level 54 ) *** My monk here has Elden Prowess
   65 Combat          vs 55 Combat
   0 Critical Strikes   vs 0 Critical Strikes

Minotaur Monk ( me ) Vs Orc Shaman   *** My Monk has 100 skill points in ferocity
   206 Combat          Vs 68 Combat
   0 Critical Strikes    Vs 2 Critical Strikes

2 fights worthy of mentioning :

 - When i removed the points from the skill ( 0 shattering palms )
I've ran a test against an Empire hero , ( my 98 combat vs his 58 combat) , i was able to crit naturally, and did around 3 almost in a row

 - I tried a high elf Monk with 100 points in Shattering Palms, and around 78 points in Weapon master ( 100% chance ) , and indeed, i was able to crit 100% of time
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Something about Shattering Palms
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