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 List of Bugs

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PostSubject: List of Bugs   List of Bugs I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 23, 2021 11:29 am

Hey Patrick and everyone
Here's a list of bugs i've found so far ( version 0.8.9b )

Regarding magic or items that changes character health
- Chaos Magic 'Morph Any'
 It works well on unit below 1,000 hitpoints
 I tested it on an enemy hero ( who has 5,040 hitpoints ) , when the spell morph negative hitpoints, the spells decreased his points into 999 , then applied the morph ( 45 )
 Also with allied units, when the spell did positive morph hitpoints , it turned my paladin ( the knight cavalry unit ) from 2,329 hitpoints to 999 hitpoints, resulting in 999 a hitpoints paladin

I've started testing this spell because of more than one instance , that my hero died very suddenly , one time when he was equipping Hammer of Morannin, and one time without it

- Regarding Hammer of Morannin
An enemy hero used Disjunction, at first my hitpoints didn't change ( I had around 1,000 hp total , probably 1,050 ) , but after around 30 seconds, when i had around half my life bar, my hitpoints suddenly dropped to 2, and my max hitpoints also dropped by a huge amount , guessing 600 life point , which is what the Hammer provides

The 2nd instance, i had around 2,300 hitpoints total, I was fully healthy, my summoned units were tanking the Archmage's Magic attribute attacks
But instantly i died
I paused the game to check what spells are there, didn't find anything interesting other than a 1:58 disjunction ( didn't even have empower ), none of my troops were harmed that moment, and that archmage was the only survivor of the skirmish ( it was a short no building 16 hero free for all skirmish )
At first i thought it might be destruction what killed me , but he had only 1,000 hp total , he wasn't harmed , and he had a magic attack, so he wasn't equipping Destroyer of Worlds
I check his stats, he had only 11 in Chronomancy skill ( i thought maybe dis-integrate, but even this spell doesn't affect heroes, right ? ), so i don't think he had anything capable of harming my hero ( because the other skills - illusion, summoning, alchemy - don't have any damage )

I also instantly died once to Dwarf Monk, who wasn't even attacking me, i didn't have the hammer equipped , but i noticed he was constantly casting a spell while hitting my paladins , and they were resisting most of it
I'm thinking he had the hat Chaotic Ultimatum ( Morph any , and arcana curse ) , because heroes don't resist morph any, but paladins can resist some of Arcana curse spells
I had 2,760 hitpoints , and was fully healthy
I was maybe 8 distance from him, he had a melee attack

- Invisibility wasn't working on my stone golems ( it doesn't say in description anything about mechanical units )

- In the map editor, i made a map with a lot of item chests
When i played it, they contained random items, but when i close the box, then open it again, the item becomes Blight Stones , every single box, even when i try to move the item into my inventory, it turns into Blight Stones

- On my high level hero, sometimes i get super strong hit points units, sometimes i get weak ones, like in the Joust in Bartonia, sometimes i get 160 hit points cavalry, sometimes i get 2,400 hitpoints ones
It happens in skirmishes as well, some skirmish i summon a 220 hp Pit Fiend, some times 1,050 hit points

- Regarding hero stats:
 Spell range in the Intelligence stat , it says i have 50 spell range, but when i compared it to the command radius , it was equal to it ( 25 ) , only the arcane spell command was able to enlarge my spells range, but the indicator wouldn't update it would still be as large as the command radius
 Regarding my hero speed , it says i have 60 speed, but when i compared it to a 40 speed unit, we were walking the same pace

- Regarding the arcane spell Dispel , the description says ( Dispels nearby enemy units spells ) , but it cancelled my spells as well ( Extend, Mana Flow, Stone Skin ... )

- Regarding Chronostutter , it says it increases speed by four times
 My hero was able to go from one attack per 0.400 secs , to 1 attack per 0.044 seconds
 And when i equipped Boots of the Gods ( +2 Dexterity ) and The Vampire Path ( 1.047 attack speed ) , it went further to 1 attack per 0.043 seconds

- In 'by yourself ' mode in campaign, one time my map started with what looked like a Dark Elf base ( 3 of them , instead of regular towers ), they had around 25,600 in combat, speed , range, damage and hit points, but i couldn't get them to attack anything, and i saw them attack an enemy structure far away on the map, for barely 1 damage, but rapid attacks
Even when the enemy attacked them, i think they retaliated for 1 damage per attack

The following aren't bugs, but things that i didn't think made sense to the game:

- Assassinated units with Foresight spell, restored full health, even if they had low health when assassinated
- Tutorial said that RSB can only be used once
  Also a loading screen tip said the same thing ( Tip #82 )
- Loading screen about Gnolls , says that they can instantly kill, and their assassination can reach from 4 on level 1, to 53 on Level 50. It isn't updated that Assassination has a health limit now, and that they get their level/2 stat increase
- Tip about building Walls, says you have to press shift to drag them, but in game never really needed to press shift to drag them
- Can't specify faction of AI hero ( when in skirmish ) , you can decide race and specialty
- Illusionary units ( spectral horde, and Dragon fear ) can't be summoned when above army limit, even though they're timed units
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List of Bugs
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