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 Grand Oracle Crash in Volcanic Maps

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Grand Oracle Crash in Volcanic Maps Empty
PostSubject: Grand Oracle Crash in Volcanic Maps   Grand Oracle Crash in Volcanic Maps I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 16, 2021 1:43 am

I've tested it multiple times. I always crash in random volcanic map with Grand Oracle. I've tried other classes there without a problem. I also tried Grand Oracle in other maps and it didn't cause any issue. Something about the Grand Oracle and Volcanic makes the game freeze and crash. Sometimes when using Scry, sometimes for no reason. I've tested with multiple races and it's the same problem. Please give it a look.

To recreate it: X large map Grand Oracle and at least 2 enemies. Cast Scry or something or just wait, it will probably crash.

I didn't test all maps with the grand oracle but it's possible that volcanic is fine, just the grand oracle or Scry is causing issues. But it seems to happen more often on Volcanic.

Thanks guys
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Grand Oracle Crash in Volcanic Maps
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