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 An idea, or three.

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An idea, or three. Empty
PostSubject: An idea, or three.   An idea, or three. I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2020 1:41 am

So, we have 4 base abilities.

Could also expand the ability section to modify the following.

Strength (Damage Dealt)
Dexterity (Armor, Evasion)
Speed (Combat Speed, Conversion Speed)
Constitution (Resists, HP, HP Regen)
Intellect (Exp Gained per Battle, Spell Failure)
Magic (MP, MP Regen, Spell Power [if implemented]
Leadership (Bonuses to Food Limit, Retinue Base)
Charisma (Mercantile and Discounts)

Also of note, here's an idea.

You know how you started researching Castle Levels.
Well, here's an Idea. Research all tech, and make tech levels up to 7 or even 8.

The principle behind this, is that all tech right now is fixed. Undead, Minotaur, Etc.
BUT What if it were more fluid. That is each tech is linked to the character, not race.

There would have to be limits of course, Each L1 tech would cost 1 tech point, L2 would
cost 2, L3's would cost 4, L4's would cost 7, L5's would cost 10, L6's would cost 15 and L7's would cost 22, and finally tech level 8's would cost 30.

BUT Each character can only bring say 150 tech points into battle, and that would make up their buildings, and buildable skills and such. so you have to think about what buildings and creatures you want for the battle. Also of note, using another race's tech would cost double the points. So lets say you put a dwarven trading post in your undead army, it would cost 8 tech points, not including the skills to put in it.

Then you add the following for it:
income 1 (L1) - 2 tech
income 2 (L2) - 4 tech
income 3 (L3) - 8 tech
income 4 (L4) - 14 tech
income 5 (L5) - 20 tech
trading 1 (L3?) - 8 more tech.

So that Dwarven Market place would cost 58 tech points from a pool of lets say 150.
Also, using other races Tech would also increase the building costs by 1.25x
and building time to 2.00x

Finally Races and Classes could use adjusting.

All abilities start at 4. As of this writing, there can be up to a -6 on some.
this leads to negative abilities. So Instead, use 10 as a base, and reduce the benefits of each ability by half or so. Then each race would have a good template for that -6 penalty and if they so choose take a -3 class penalty with one point going. This also means that the cost per point would have to be halved as well. But overall I think it makes more sense to use positive only numbers than negative somethings.

Again these are only ideas. Got questions. PM ME.
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An idea, or three.
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