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 Varied building animations

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Varied building animations Empty
PostSubject: Varied building animations   Varied building animations I_icon_minitimeTue May 30, 2017 6:32 am

Currently in WBC3, buildings have three building stages and three in-fire stages. Moreover, they can leave stone, wood, both, or non rubble. Could the type of rubble be linked to the damage animations in any way?

Perhaps, only "wood" and "both material" buildings could be set on fire when damaged. I don't know if a damaged building take damage just because it's damaged (when HP are under 25%, perhaps?).

"Stone" buildings would only generate smoke/dust when damaged.

"None" buildings would remain pristine until destroyed/dismissed.

Fey buildings could be of a special nature. I'm not asking variety for all factions, just for 4 or 5 buildings' types. Did you play Primitive Wars? Imho, gameplay was terrible (poor AI, pathfinding, and level-up balance), but the Elves' buildings did have some distinctive flavor: they would fade away as they take damage; likewise, they would fade in  when build or repaired. Look at this video at 2:00 for a fade-in animation, at 8:00 for a fade-out animation.
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Varied building animations
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