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 Hello to all

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PostSubject: Hello to all   Hello to all I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 13, 2016 8:33 pm

Hello to all!

Just to explain a few thing although it is unnecessary and annoying to many people I want to say first that I'm a strange person and my inner anger drives me to get sticked to things although I simply should let them be.

I'm older, in the second half of the 40s and I got my first pc when I was 34, so I've been already too old for all the things connected to the pc, I couldn't differ between windows and word Sad.

But I was forced to get busied with this ressort and my main topic became gambling, 4x, rpg, adventures and those things.
One of the game that stayed for already 12 years now is warlord's battlecry. Starting with version 2 I got used to certain mechanism. I never play a game without a break button for example because I'm a slow person and I like to reflect before doing things.
I prefer to play archmages from the feys, wood elvens, high elvens or humans. With them I can build up to fortress 5 most quickly.

From wb2 to wb3 I really disliked that the archmage can't choose freely between all the different kinds of magic. I had a certain set and that was not available anymore. Nevertheless nowadays I prefer it because the story is better, there are more different dragons and it simply looks a little bit better.

Tp also impressed me because of the optic, the look is better, the display changes from race to race, there are new dragons, the tutorial is much better, this new perk (?).

What I didn't like are many changes in the balancing: my favorite races need more time to develop to fortress 5, the range of spells doesn't work for me anymore (using the break button, three groups of my unit around a strong enemy unit in the near of a tower and sending this enemy unit around the tower with a hit and run tactic), titans can't be healed.
What I either don't like is that the high elvens are left as the only race without workers that can be sent into mines. The wood elvens don't have sprites to be built anymore. Faerie dragons can't attack walking units anymore.

So in a way I'm reflecting about whether I can deal with all those changings.

Nevertheless I'm impressed by that what you did and a further time I think it is proven that fans do a better work than the professionels (regarding for example morrowind, oblivion).

So I send you my greetings and wish you a nice game!
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Joe the Bartender
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Keeper of Balance
Joe the Bartender

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PostSubject: Re: Hello to all   Hello to all I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 21, 2016 7:26 am

Hi Phlynx, glad to hear you're having fun with the game and thanks for your kind words!
I can explain why these changes were made:
Phlynx wrote:

my favorite races need more time to develop to fortress 5
This change was made because tech level 5 was nearly irrelevant. Most of each race's strongest building-destroyers and spellcasters were shifted to T5 to also help reduce their access and make each stage of the game more diverse and relevant (since T5 almost never mattered before).

Phlynx wrote:

the range of spells doesn't work for me anymore
I agree completely. Charisma-restricted spell range is something that will probably get looked into soon.

Phlynx wrote:

titans can't be healed.
Titans are extremely strong now, so much so that enabling any form of healing on them would break the game.

Phlynx wrote:

 What I either don't like is that the high elvens are left as the only race without workers that can be sent into mines.
This is fixed a bit in 0.8.7. High Elves will have unique access to Income 4 to help balance out for the lack of mine-fillers.

Phlynx wrote:

The wood elvens don't have sprites to be built anymore.
They were removed from Wood Elves to help promote racial diversity. They are now a unique, Fey-only unit (unless someone's using Nature Magic).

Phlynx wrote:

Faerie dragons can't attack walking units anymore.
This one took a lot of play-testing and study to figure out. After years of playing, we determined that for the game to remain balanced, Faerie Dragons can't have ranged fire attacks combined with all the Faerie upgrades and the ability to hit both ground and flying. In 0.8.5, Faerie Dragons were one of the most, if not the most overpowered units in the game and were still one of the biggest reasons why many players were persuaded only to play Fey. Their upgrade-ability, mixed with the best damage type in the game and the ability to hit everything ultimately meant that the units had no, or almost no real counters and so they could mop up anything from unit to building. It could be said that the faerie upgrades were at fault, but they worked fine for the other Fey units. In the end it meant the Faerie Dragon had to lose its ground coverage.

I hope that helps to answer a few questions!
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Hello to all
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