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 RSB imbalance

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PostSubject: RSB imbalance   RSB imbalance I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 30, 2012 11:17 pm

I havnt seen all, but currently its like this- In order of Power

Barbarian- Call lightening with approx. 300 damage dealt to prob 1st 24 enemy units and neutral buildings starting from the top left.
I casted rt at the beginning of the game. And the enemy was just left with towers. Hero and units all gone. While i was sitting far away in my base. Most OP

Next- Daemon- summon 15 succubi 100xp instantly.
Gives an army at the 1st second of game. u might as well raid the enemy base now.
Dark Elf- Summon 50 spiders 50 xp each.

Fey- 1st 24 units(your or of ally) from top left of map get 100xp
Undead- Summon skeletons all over map 100xp each. Possibly limited by ur army limit(I havnt checked that)

High Elf- Cast lifeward on ur units.
Minotaur- Cast Vampirism on ur Units.
Orc- All troops get +30 armor.

Swarm- Makes everything really cheap for a short duration.

Knight- Summon Dancing Blades all over the map from corpses, 0xp each. Since Dancing blades have been nerfed a lot in this mod they dont prove to be more than a nuisance to the enemy.

Wood Elf- Entangle enemies all over map. Since entangle doesnt affect the attack speed i dont see the use of this. Though correct me if I'm wrong.

Empire- No Bonus yet.

Other Races- Please add those which you know.

For Barbarian and Fey make the effect occur only upto double command radius around hero.

For Daemon and Dark Elves. Make the number of summoned units depend on time elapsed.
eg 1 Succubus at 1 min of game to a max. of 20 at 20 min. of game
Fey- 2 units get xp at 1 a max of 40 units at 20 min. of game.

Knights- Give the swords 50 xp each or change the stat of the dancing sword.
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PostSubject: Re: RSB imbalance   RSB imbalance I_icon_minitimeMon May 06, 2013 3:12 am

RSBs have been tweaked in 0.6. There are now mostly related to elapsed time or number of units/buildings/corpses on the map. See the changelog for more info. This topic is outdated and therefore closed.

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RSB imbalance
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