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 Unit stats balancing

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PostSubject: Unit stats balancing   Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:01 am

Wight has more hp than Slayer knight. upgrading them doesnt seem like a good option.
Also the Slayer knight double damage research doesnt seem to work.

Guardian skull has more combat than Liche. the lightening animation attack tends to miss more. if the attack type is changed to cold(which should be death's affinity) it'll miss less even at lower combat. and to help undead against air attacks we can make them cheaper. it costs more crystal than liche currently.

Naga has very poor combat(9). It gets killed by a phoenix in the beginning of the game. Ssrathi general?

Banshee now has 2 range for its magic attack. which causes its occasional splash screams to miss because enemies are left out of range. Also like naga it also misses a lot. better be a mele than missing at 2 range.

Oakman has become quite expensive but stats have been standardised to be similar to other race builders. while for other races builders are very cheap. 180 stone cost significantly hurts fey early game when they are supposed to make towers to get crystal later. either they should be made cheap or have stats which justify their cost.

ballista is a lot cheaper than dwarven crossbow while it has a lot better stats.

runner being nerfed a lot. isnt worth building anymore. and those (expensive)researches which increased its speed are also waste now.

Zephyr skill is also useless unless we make it have some effect on attack speed of fairy units. and to balance their hp's can be drawn lower.

all siege have 10 range and are destroyed by the tower they were supposed to attack. in 0.5 they were overpowered and now weak. range should be atleast 12 for catapults and double damage against buildings. they used to be the last resort in games with both tough towers and tough starting enabled. when defense is too strong even for hordes of dragons. their range can help.
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PostSubject: Re: Unit stats balancing   Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:04 am

Some good points, but otherwise outdated. I'm trying to keep it clean in here. Topic closed.


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Unit stats balancing
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