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 Some first impressions and misc things about TPC beta 7

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PostSubject: Some first impressions and misc things about TPC beta 7   Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:04 am

I finally tested TPC.
And everything is very promising, I feel that the final version of the mod will be very impressive.

Firstly, there is a cute installer which displays images with a really battlecryinsh musical atmosphere while files are copying.

Secondly, after an unusual intro in WBC3, there is an amazing main menu with cinematics. (However there is a little bug here, the animation frame goes in front of the other windows such as the tip message, making the "okay" button invisible).

In the game's tutorial, there is an allied Minotaur Hero that moves on the map according to different events that triggers his movements.
If it would have been an other game, a such unit's path would have been very trivial. But we're in a WBC3 mod, and I never saw that behavior in the game engine since WBC1.
More impressive, later there is a dialog box where we can choose an answer when talking to a NPC, this is probably a technical prowess in WBC.
Unfortunately it seems to me that the end of the tutorial happened too early, maybe I inadvertently run the wrong trigger. The tutorial gave me a good impression notwithstanding.

Now, the editor.
Something instantly struck me when lauching the map editor... The music continued to play, breaking the silent death atmosphere inside which we were deeped by the original version.
Concerning item chests, it was possible to place them on maps in the original WBC3, even non-random ones, but it required to hex-edit the map files because editor didn't let us to do that. Now TPC solved this lack, and moreover it added a way to place resources wagon !
Do not try to edit them, however, because the item panel bug from original game is still present in TPC. =)

I smiled when I saw the WBC1 dwarf infantry model used for Kheldon, because dealing with WBC1 characters reinsertion, I had the same idea some years ago, until I realize that the WBC1 dwarf general graphics are differents than the WBC3 ones. (So I eventually imagined Kheldon should have its original model).
I'm pretty sure Patrick is not satisfied with his Pat army, he would like to have more specific models. Right ?
I known that frustration too. ^^

(Oh well, who is Grimnir ?)

Another veeeery cooooooool stuff : Boats !
Oh yeah.
I'm starting to think TPC includes everything I want to see in a WBC3 mod. I will look forward to my troops disembark from ferries !

There is some other cool ideas, such as infinte mines. A good use for old school buildings models.

Now it's time to test the Hero system.
Oh what's that, a quiz ?
It asks me for my favorite book. Wait... what the... !!! O_o
Once I answered the questions, the game offers me a hero configuration matching with my psychological profile.

This is a funny joke, I love that.

Another amazing thing is the way we spend earned skill points, it is much near from the old school game mechanics.
This is very cool, again.

Let's play with an IceMage HighElf hero in bronzeman mode with recruiting proficiency.

Oh, High Elves can produce Phenixes very early.
Sweeeeet ! (\me imagining delicious rushes against enemies, nya ha ha)
Nevertheless something's wrong. I cannot train any unit, the voice tells me I have too many troops.
Well, I have 0/15 unit points, what's going on ?

Some minutes later, my army points grows to 999/35, and I can train units.
This is a very strange bug. But okay, TPC is still in its beta version. No problem with that.

I like the Dark elves. Let's try them too.

Wow, bad idea. They loosed all their strength, cannot build skeletons, summon slaves horde nor daemons anymore, and their spiders became very expansives.
However the Black Guard is so cheap now. (Who whant black guards ? Free samples !)

I'm turning into a bad scandalmonger, but I'm joking with those facts.

The third and last race I tested is dwarf. Unfortunately the 999 unit points bug never happened so I only used the retinue to beat enemies.

Prologue in the main menu only leads to a video, that I never saw before.
Congratulation if it is an homemade video, because all looks like professionnal, even the voice telling the story has a good quality (it doesn't shock like a lot of other amateur sound work)

In conclusion :
Except some decisions that may certainly be discussed, as Dragons in retinue or unlimited generals ammount choosen for the beginning of the game, TPC looks like a very interesting mod.
To my mind, it has a lot of potential !

(End Of Feedback)
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Devourer of bugs

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PostSubject: Re: Some first impressions and misc things about TPC beta 7   Fri Mar 15, 2013 4:28 am

Thank you for your kind review. However, the army limit works differently now, what you have described is not a bug (except needing to use only the retinue part; that was a bug which has been fixed). Version 0.7.1 provides a manual on how to read those numbers properly, however, until then you can read a summary about it here: TPC DevBlog

Glad you finally managed to download and enjoy TPC. Hope to see some bug reports from you soon, or then again, I hope there won't be any bugs to report!



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PostSubject: Re: Some first impressions and misc things about TPC beta 7   Sat Jan 25, 2014 7:42 am

I only regret that there have not playable campaign with our hero to do level up and many were cancel service unit for balancing ...
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PostSubject: Re: Some first impressions and misc things about TPC beta 7   

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Some first impressions and misc things about TPC beta 7
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