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 Health Proficiency and Undead

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PostSubject: Health Proficiency and Undead   Sat May 19, 2018 9:39 pm

Hello! As you may have guessed, I have a question regarding the undead in conjunction with the Health Proficiency. It's as you may suspect, but let's leave nothing to imagination;

Undead, while they cannot regeneration during day time and I expect as such, Health does -not- allow them to regenerate during the day. However, since undead regenerate -twice- as fast during night, does that mean during night time, Health is technically more like 20% per level instead of 10%? By comparison to that of other races, of course.

Ie, if an undead unit regenerated at night 1 health per second and a non-undead unit regenerated .5 health per second, wouldn't that mean undead benefit during the night -twice- as much from the Health proficiency? As undead, assuming all is in place, would receive .1 additional health (10%) per second, while a non-undead would receive .05 additional (also 10%) health per second?

Of course regarding the base health regeneration is all theoretical, as I'm sure both the undead and living have both different base values.

It would be most disappointing if they too only received the same health regeneration as the living, despite the fact they only regenerate during the night. I feel even a little silly in asking this question, but I'd rather know facts then speculations.
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Health Proficiency and Undead
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