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 [Heroes] Small passive racial powers

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PostSubject: [Heroes] Small passive racial powers   Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:44 am


What if heroes (both avatars and no-heroes basic converters) would have low intensity, point-blank, racial psych. effects?


  1. adds much flavor to the hero: critters now owe some respect to heroes!
  2. likewise, no more hero will be ganged up by a level 0 mob. Well, they still are, by half the number.
  3. not so unbalanced: it can't be overused to build OP strats.


  1. still unbalanced and unfair.
  2. it's so unfair for humans and dwarves who are left without powers (using WBC3 code).
  3. triggers resistance checks that may hinder own side's debilitating units (only for melee (front line) heroes who lead a squad/guard).
  4. other unwanted side-effects with game mechanics (??).
  5. lessen the need for such spells as Awe, Scare, Toxic Cloud, ...


  • shouldn't impact gameplay, as far as debilitating some Goblins, Swordsmen, ... Thralls, doesn't impact gameplay.
  • still, should trigger a few times per minute, or every few minutes, to fulfill the "flavor" purpose. Or disabling half a level 0 mob, outright?
  • some effects would have a range of 0 (the hero has to strike/be struck or... kiss). Does this work for all effects? I'm thinking about Awe, Chaos, or Terror on touch.
  • some effects would have a range of 1+ (a more aural effect). Rng 1, Rng 2 or more?
  • some effects would have a mild strength so that a peasant (RES 5) is almost certainly _or has 50% chances to be_ affected.
  • some effects have such a minimal strength that a 0 RES unit may be only "occasionally" affected.

Testing with WBC3:
Humans (all 3 factions): none
Dwarves (all 2 factions): none
Elves (all 3 factions): Lesser aural awe
They are so cute, how could you harm them? Even an Orc may feel a transient, innate reluctance to initiate violence, like a revolted peasant faced to a noble (before killing him).
Awe Str 3 Rng 2 (as a Succubus with less range)
Fey: Mild awe on touch
Because they put a spell on you!
Awe Str 5 Rng 0 (as a Vampire, on hit)
Minotaur & Orc: Mild fear on touch
When you can feel their breath and smelling, and look at your fate deep into their eyes.
Fear Str 5 Rng 0 (more than an Ogre, on hit)
Undead: Mild terror on touch
When you make a physical connection with death.
Terror Str 5 Rng 0 (less than a Dragon, on hit)
Daemon: Lesser aural terror.
Their mere aspect and behaviour is disturbing.
Terror Str 2 Rng 2 (or a greater range?) (or Chaos?)
Ssrathi: Lesser poison on touch
Because all of the Ssrathi use poison.
Poison Str 3 Rng 0
Swarm:  Mild Poison on touch
These monsters are innately poisonous. Or should they be on par with Ssrathi heroes?
Poison Str 5 Rng 0 (as a Harpy/Lizard Rider)
Plaguelord: Mild disease on contact
Because they are most probably akin to Ghouls and Plague Priests.
Disease Str 5 Rng 1 (as a Ghoul)

These numbers are only a first try. The comparison with regular units is more useful design-wise.
What do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: [Heroes] Small passive racial powers   Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:34 am

Something like this will no doubt emerge as part of the new race and class Perks system we'll be working on for 0.8.9/0.9.0.
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PostSubject: Re: [Heroes] Small passive racial powers   Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:47 am

I know you will then have the power to compensate for some races not having supernatural perks (like giving them extra resistance, etc.). Good new for mundane races.
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PostSubject: Re: [Heroes] Small passive racial powers   

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[Heroes] Small passive racial powers
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