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 Empire RSB not working?

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PostSubject: Empire RSB not working?   Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:59 am

Back in 0.8.6 when you popped the RSB, you could clearly see your base resource generation doubled.

Recently started an Empire character on 0.8.7 and when you use the ability, nothing happens. No additional resource generation is added to the UI (and it does seem very likely that no resource generation is added at all).

Also, a related bug (probably?) to it is that spells and items that extend duration, they extend the RSB duration. I imagine this works with all the RSBs that are over time, but Empire would probably benefit the most.

EDIT: It might be working but does not add to the tally. Hard to say.

EDIT 2: Did some more fixing. It seems just that the UI is bugged out. Resources are generated.
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Empire RSB not working?
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