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 [SOLVED] File error: WoodElvesVoicesEn.xcr

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PostSubject: [SOLVED] File error: WoodElvesVoicesEn.xcr   Sun Mar 26, 2017 1:38 pm

Hi all,
Whenever I try to start up The Protectors 0.8.7, I get an error dialog with the message "File error: WoodElvesVoicesEn.xcr". I've tried running the program as Administrator and also in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP2 and SP3. I've also tried to repair the installation using the installer as well as uninstall then reinstall, but so far nothing has worked.
The contents of my startup log file are as follows:


Logfile:    C:\Users\SaahilH\Documents\The Protectors\Startup.log
Created on: 13:30:32  -  Sun, Mar 26, 2017
CPU Type:         Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20GHz
CPU Speed:  Intel 2.2 GHz
CPU MMX:    0
CPU Dual:   0
Memory:     1024 Mb
OS:         Windows XP
DirectX:    DirectX 9.0
Starting Warlords Battlecry III
Parsing the command line: <"C:\Program Files (x86)\The Protectors\The Protectors.exe" >
Initializing string library
Check the CD is in the drive
Graphics Adapter: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
 Graphics Driver: igdumdim32.dll
  Supported Mode: 640x480x16 (59Hz) (565)
  Supported Mode: 640x480x16 (60Hz) (565)
  Supported Mode: 640x480x16 (70Hz) (565)
  Supported Mode: 640x480x16 (73Hz) (565)
  Supported Mode: 640x480x16 (75Hz) (565)
  Supported Mode: 800x600x16 (60Hz) (565)
  Supported Mode: 800x600x16 (72Hz) (565)
  Supported Mode: 800x600x16 (75Hz) (565)
  Supported Mode: 1024x768x16 (60Hz) (565)
  Supported Mode: 1024x768x16 (70Hz) (565)
  Supported Mode: 1024x768x16 (75Hz) (565)
  Supported Mode: 1280x1024x16 (60Hz) (565)
  Supported Mode: 1280x1024x16 (75Hz) (565)
Testing game resolution (desktop res = 1920x1017)
Initializing files & directories
Reading Help Status
Reading Advanced Options
Reading Standard Options
Checking hero data file
Files have been successfully initialized
Initializing Comms System
Comms System been successfully initialized
Initializing Resources
Adding Terrain Packs
   Adding: Caverns.xcr
   Adding: Chasm.xcr
   Adding: Desert Cliffs.xcr
   Adding: Desert Coast.xcr
   Adding: Desert.xcr
   Adding: Dirt.xcr
   Adding: DirtMountains.xcr
   Adding: Grass Coast.xcr
   Adding: Grass.xcr
   Adding: High Dirt.xcr
   Adding: High Grass.xcr
   Adding: Ice.xcr
   Adding: Jungle.xcr
   Adding: Kharn Pak - Caverns.xcr
   Adding: Kharn Pak - Desert.xcr
   Adding: Kharn Pak - Dirt.xcr
   Adding: Kharn Pak - Grass.xcr
   Adding: Kharn Pak - Paving.xcr
   Adding: Kharn Pak - Rivers.xcr
   Adding: Kharn Pak - Snow.xcr
   Adding: Kharn Pak - Stage.xcr
   Adding: Kharn Pak - Water.xcr
   Adding: Lava.xcr
   Adding: Marsh.xcr
   Adding: Mountains.xcr
   Adding: Pat pack 1.xcr
   Adding: Paving.xcr
   Adding: Platform.xcr
   Adding: Pyramid.xcr
   Adding: Rock Cliffs.xcr
   Adding: Rock Coast.xcr
   Adding: Rock.xcr
   Adding: Snow Coast.xcr
   Adding: Snow.xcr
   Adding: W3AncientTemple.XCR
   Adding: Water.xcr
   Adding: WBC1 Terrain.xcr
   Adding: WBC2 Terrain.xcr
   Adding: ZExtoriasCave.xcr
   Adding: ZZWBC1 Terrain.xcr
   Adding: ZZWBC2 Terrain.xcr
Adding Feature Packs
   Adding: AncientFoliage.xcr
   Adding: AncientTemple.xcr
   Adding: CaveExtorias.xcr
   Adding: CavernsFeatures.XCR
   Adding: Civil.xcr
   Adding: Coastal.xcr
   Adding: DeadTrees.xcr
   Adding: DesertMisc.xcr
   Adding: DesertTrees.xcr
   Adding: DirtMisc.xcr
   Adding: DirtTrees.xcr
   Adding: GrassMisc.xcr
   Adding: GrassPlants.xcr
   Adding: GrassTrees.xcr
   Adding: Imports.xcr
   Adding: KingStuff.xcr
   Adding: OtherMisc.xcr
   Adding: PatFeatures.xcr
   Adding: Rocks.xcr
   Adding: Ruins.xcr
   Adding: SnowMisc.xcr
   Adding: SnowTrees.xcr
   Adding: War.xcr
   Adding: YMisc.xcr
   Adding: ZAudio.xcr
   Adding: ZEffects.xcr
Adding Side Packs
   Adding: Barbarians.xcr
   Adding: BarbariansVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Boats.xcr
   Adding: BoatsVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Daemons.xcr
   Adding: DaemonsVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: DarkDwarves.xcr
   Adding: DarkDwarvesVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: DarkElves.xcr
   Adding: DarkElvesVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: DefaultVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: DragonRace.xcr
   Adding: DragonRaceVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Dragons.xcr
   Adding: DragonsVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Dwarves.xcr
   Adding: DwarvesVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Empire.xcr
   Adding: EmpireVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Fey.xcr
   Adding: FeyVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Fliers.xcr
   Adding: FliersVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Heroes.xcr
   Adding: HeroesVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: HighElves.xcr
   Adding: HighElvesVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: JoeUnits.xcr
   Adding: JoeUnitsVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Kharn.xcr
   Adding: KharnVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Knights.xcr
   Adding: KnightsVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: LairsShops.XCR
   Adding: Minotaurs.xcr
   Adding: MinotaursVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Misc.xcr
   Adding: MiscVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Orcs.xcr
   Adding: OrcsVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: PatBuildings.xcr
   Adding: PatCharacters.xcr
   Adding: PatCharactersVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: PatMonsters.xcr
   Adding: PatMonstersVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Plaguelords.xcr
   Adding: PlagueLordsVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Resources.xcr
   Adding: Siege.xcr
   Adding: SiegeVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Ssrathi.xcr
   Adding: SsrathiVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Swarm.xcr
   Adding: SwarmVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: Temples.xcr
   Adding: TemplesVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: TowersWalls.xcr
   Adding: Undead.xcr
   Adding: UndeadVoicesEn.xcr
   Adding: WoodElves.xcr
   Adding: WoodElvesVoicesEn.xcr

I'm running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit for my operating system, and I also deleted my old The Protectors folder in Documents as well as uninstalled the previous version so that I could perform a clean install of the new version.

Any help fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated Smile
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Devourer of bugs
Devourer of bugs

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PostSubject: Re: [SOLVED] File error: WoodElvesVoicesEn.xcr   Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:35 pm

A clear case of file corruption. Please redownload and reinstall.


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PostSubject: Re: [SOLVED] File error: WoodElvesVoicesEn.xcr   Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:14 pm

Alright, I got it working.
I re-downloaded the mod and checked the MD5 hash to make sure it matched the source, which it did. Then I uninstalled the game again and reinstalled and ran it. Still had the same error. I uninstalled again, but this time I noticed that there were still some residual files leftover in the folder, so I deleted them and reinstalled. This seemed to work (although a probably unrelated bug occurred, where the game crashed in the tutorial).

If anyone's having this problem, uninstall, delete the install folder, then reinstall.
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Devourer of bugs
Devourer of bugs

Posts : 952
Join date : 2012-01-04

PostSubject: Re: [SOLVED] File error: WoodElvesVoicesEn.xcr   Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:27 am

Problem solved. Topic closed.


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PostSubject: Re: [SOLVED] File error: WoodElvesVoicesEn.xcr   

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[SOLVED] File error: WoodElvesVoicesEn.xcr
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