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 Astral Magic - New spell sphere

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Astral Magic - New spell sphere Empty
PostSubject: Astral Magic - New spell sphere   Astral Magic - New spell sphere I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 05, 2017 10:01 am

Hello everyone,

I really like the "Summoning Sphere", but it only has evil units (which makes perfect sense).
More than summoning magic, I enjoy the good aligned creatures. So I thought about a magic sphere (Astral Magic) that summons them and simultaneaously resembles summoning magic. So here it goes:

1. Summon Cloud Wisp 9 mana (summons a cloud wisp 1 unit + 1 per level - 1 army pts. Fire ray attack, similar to Sol Dragon. Same base stats as other small wisps. -50% fire dmg +50% all physical dmg;
Note: they can't be added to mines, but add elemental damage to a tower, I raised to cost to 9 mana in comparison to a quasit summoning
      their colour could be a mix between white and light yellow.
2. Astral Gate 4 mana (aids in astral channeling. 2 min + 1 per level)
Note: functions in the same was as a summoning circle.
3. Astral Guidance 10 mana (units are treated as if exposed to neutral weather - no bonuses or penalties. 3 min duration + 1,5 per level).
4. Summon Celestial Wisp 28 mana (summons a celestial wisp 1 unit + 0,5 per level - 2 army pts. Fire ray attack, similar to Sol Dragon. 1 crystal per second. -50% fire dmg + 50% all physical dmg)
Note: the equivalent of summon nightmare. Added mana cost as this unit generates crystals (vs 25 mana of Nightmare cost)
5. Astral Ward 30 mana (protects summoned units against banishment 2 min duration + 1 per level)
Note: this is the opposite of banish, and costs the same mana.
6. Astral Call 35 mana (summons an Astral Phoenix  1 unit + 0,5 per level - 2 army pts). Fire ray attack, similar to Sol Dragon. Can convert. Causes awe equal of a dryad. -50% fire dmg +50% cold dmg)
Note: Not sure if should be able to convert and not sure if this is possible -> Design suggestion: double size of a normal phoenix, white + white yellow body colour.
7. Astral Projection 17 mana (sends a part of your hero's spirit to anywhere on the map to see and explore. Cannot attack, cannot convert. 200 HP 20 speed. 3 min + 1&100HP per level)
Note: Not opposite, but an equivalent of Home Portal and Blink functionality addition. The animation could be just a normal translucid copy of the hero that runs arounds, with faint white+light yellow colour
8. Astral Plea 40 mana (Produced units have 5% to be doubled on production. Titans/Dragons/Generals not affected. 3 min duration + 1,5 per level)
(Note: I tried to think of something opposite to Corruption, but can't think of a "good-aligned" way to steal enemies' troops, so I came up with this one)
9. Call Archon 65 mana (Summons an Archon 1 unit + 0,33 per level - 2 army pts)
Note: Increased mana cost as this unit only uses 2 army points, has an elemental attack, can block ranged units and flies
10. Astral Merge 65 mana (Merges the hero and surrounding allies with the Astral Plane. Affected creatures are treated as titans for dmg reduction purposes only, a.k.a -50% all dmg. 1 minut duration + 0,5 per level)
Note: Not sure about the mana cost, and not sure if it's too powerful/too short in duration.

And that's it.
I'm horrible with colours, what I wish to say with this white+light yellow colour nonsense is just that the summoned units should fit in colour that could resemble the cloud colours or "heavenly" colours
Thank you for reading!


Edit1: forgot to underline spell 3
Edit2: reduced astral projection mana cost, summon animal does the same without the scouting control and is very cheap
Edit3: removed an oximer in Astral Call description and now I feel ashamed.
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Astral Magic - New spell sphere
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