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 [0.8.7] Some A.I Quirks

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PostSubject: [0.8.7] Some A.I Quirks   Wed Dec 28, 2016 12:51 am

Playing a game with God Emperors on harpy food island. I noticed some shortcomings with AI behavior.

1. AI melee generals would rather die in the process of converting mines than running away from attacking air units. There's this inquisitor(AI) who would keep pressing the convert button while being interrupted to death by harpies(neutral).

2. Titans are too careful with their own safety. This titan (Sirian) would stand behind  in a safe distance for most of the battle while letting the rest of the army do the dirty work. He only charged in after most of Teal AI's(Wood Elf) base are destroyed.

3. Not sure if this is due to a bug, a feature or my location. None of the enemies wanted to attack my base(Orange) which was protected by a wall and dozens of towers and mortars behind my cave's sole entrance, though a few of them will if I lured them in. But they appeared to have no problem attacking another cave dweller(Teal). In fact, he was the second to go down after Purple who was the other Wood Elf user.

For a game like this, all I have to do is to wait for the "emperors'" mines to run dry, and slowly build up my swarm of dragons. Just joking! Although I still could technically hoard out my opponents, I chose not to because the 3 AIs that remained after the wood elves' destruction decided also to play the waiting game. At this point, seeing the lack of action, I lost my patience and rage quit.
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[0.8.7] Some A.I Quirks
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