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 Mulitplayer Issues

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PostSubject: Mulitplayer Issues   Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:57 pm

me and my brother really love this mod of wbc3. we have been playing it alot and enjoying a fresh take on the game. our only problem seems to be that we cant get a game started on multiplayer. no games popup no matter who hosts it. and i remember having this same issue on wbc3 back in the day.

things weve done:
-we double and triple checked our ip adresses
-we know to not alter any settings til the other person gets in the game (never even been in a game together yet)
-weve tried new heroes thinking mbe it was the heroes.
-we are both running the game in windows sp3 and we have our firewalls fully disabled everytime we try to play.
-we installed the game from the same zip file- so deffinitely is the same version.

our os is the same. 64 bit windows 7. and these are very new refurbished computers with fresh installs of windows also. any idea whats going on patrick Sad we really love this game/mod and hope to try and play this game together. we inspire map ideas in eachother and really are craving a few games together weekly.

also i noticed that every hamachi group ive come across is full. prolly full of accounts that arent even active anymore. we need a fresh group and possibly more info on where to find people who accually play. teams and such. i know your answer to this will be to direct me to that wbc facebook page but it isnt helpful...ive never found a player there. you should deffinitely consider a tab on this site or a post that legitly shows a list of hamachi servers that are refreshed often by you, or a message board/topic that doesnt close, for people trying to find people. im dedicated to this rts....its always been my favorite. this/your rpg blend is more rewarding than say wc3. so i love what your doing man. i jsut hope we can discuss these issues. and help players like me and my brother find other players. and maybe help us get multiplayer running lol. if possible.
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Devourer of bugs

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PostSubject: Re: Mulitplayer Issues   Sun Sep 13, 2015 12:49 am


When the host created the game (lan or direct ip), the ip is listed in the chat. That is the ip that needs to be inserted by joining players. The joining player then needs to wait for the list of servers to be refreshed (not more than 10 seconds). If it does not appear, then it can only be because of internet connection or different version numbers (though I once saw a wbc3 server using TPC). Heroes, restarting the game and other fixing methods are for only when the game freezes on "waiting for player to connect" screen.

You can find some more players on Tunngle, although they are quite rare. Hamachi works too, but their new policy allows free members to host only a group of 4 slots; that gets easily occupied. I'm opened for more suggestions, The Protectors already brought together fans - old and new - of the original game, so it would be fitting to have some sort of lobby where they can play and chat together.


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PostSubject: Re: Mulitplayer Issues   Thu Oct 08, 2015 2:36 am

Patrick_the_Winekiller wrote:
I'm opened for more suggestions,

Having "The Protectors" Discord chat might be worth looking into. It's a very easy (Its FREE) to use chat program that isn't accessible publicly and people need a link to get into the chat rooms available. Discord.

I actually think this program is close to surpassing the idea of having a forum/Reddit because of how convenient it is and mobile friendly.
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PostSubject: Re: Mulitplayer Issues   

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Mulitplayer Issues
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